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As a pharamcist, patients often ask me for recommendations on which probiotics to use. People want to know which probiotics will help with their specific health issues – so I created this website.

  • 10 Year Pharmacist
  • Pharm. D from University of the Pacific
  • Licensed Illinois, Texas, California

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Best probiotics for IBS

Best probiotics for IBS

As a pharmacist, I often get asked if taking probiotics can help with IBS. The answer is maybe – learn about the best probiotics options to try to treat IBS.

The Pharmacist behind Pharmacist Probiotics

I am Kari Raman, an experienced Pharmacist with a diverse background in retail, compounding, and hospital settings. I hold Pharmacist licenses in Illinois, Texas, and California. I have a degree in Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree from the University of the Pacific, and also completed course work focused on biology at Arizona State University.

In addition to my experience managing high-volume pharmacies averaging 500 to 600 prescriptions per day, I pride myself on my commitment to accuracy and attention to detail. I have worked as a pharmacist in both retail, compounding and hospital settings.

As a pharmacist, I have a passion for helping others. As a healthcare professional, I recognize the importance of educating and guiding patients in making informed decisions about their health. I truly enjoy giving advice to patients and helping them understand their medications, possible side effects, and how to properly take them.

This site has also been a great excuse to research the confusing science behind probiotics. There is a lot of conflicting clinical research around probiotics – but which ones actually work?

How to get a probiotic recommendation

If you ask a gastrointestinal “which probiotics do you recommend” they are likely to tell you to keep trying different ones until you find the one that works best for you!

That’s not the greatest advice, right? I’d like to offer my patients better.

On this site, I explain the different types of probiotics, like bacteria and yeast, and the benefits of each one. I dig into the science – or sometimes the LACK of science, behind specific types of probiotics.

I also use my family members as guinea pigs – we are going to try a number of the most popular probiotics on the market and let you know how we feel, how our digestion is, and more!

common probiotic strains

Advice on choosing a probiotic

I also talk about how to choose a good probiotic, how much to take, and when to take it. My website is easy to understand, and I try to use examples that kids and grown-ups can both understand. I want to make sure that everyone can learn about probiotics and make informed decisions about their health.

I suggest getting started by reading my “how to get started with probiotics” article. Or, you can dive into specific probiotic strains that I’ve researched:

I’ve also answered some of the most common questions I get at the pharmacy about these supplements, like how long it takes for probiotics to work, what CFUs are, the best time of day to take them, and prebiotics 101.

I just reviewed Lactozyme by Biotics Research, a supplement that has two live bacteria that may help some people suffering from IBS or from lactose intolerance. And I compared Florastor vs Culturelle two options that are not only in most pharmacies but are solid choices if you are taking antibiotics. If you are a woman looking for a supplement that has a good blend of bacteria, some of which have some solid science behind them, read my review of Good Girl probiotics. And one brand my niece tried, and we thought was pretty tasty, was GoodBelly juices, which have one of my favoriate bacterias, L. plantarum. 

Advice on how and when to take probiotics

I’ve answered many questions that I get in the pharmacy about when and how to take probiotics. These are pretty much the types of questions that you’d think people would ask a pharmacist – although there are some that are a bit unusual sometimes! Check out some of my most recent articles:

When to take probiotics – what time of day, and why consistency matters

How long do probiotics stay in your system – learn how long you can expect the bacteria or yeasts that you took to still be alive and doing their thing in your gut

Can you take probiotics while on your period – it’s a valid question, since many women experience serious digestive issues at that time of the month

Do they break a fast – fasting is a new diet trend, and patients want to know if their supplement messes it up!

Can you take them with coffee – the answer might surprise you; caffeine doesn’t really wake them up!

Probiotics and apple cider vinegar – another popular supplement can be taken with probiotics, but the timing matters.

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Best probiotics for IBS

Best probiotics for IBS

As a pharmacist, I often get asked if taking probiotics can help with IBS. The answer is maybe – learn about the best probiotics options to try to treat IBS.


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